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  • Our Location Ville De Kisangani,Commune De Makiso, Av. Marty. Province De Tshopo, RDC Congo

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MINING NYA Sprl firm Is an Agro Business firm

MINING NYA Sprl is an agro business firm founded in Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo in 1997 with the major aim of promoting sustainable agriculture by helping rural farmers to sell their products within and outside the country. With more than 20 years, MINING NYA Sprl has been providing farming consultation, mining and management services.

Nzaira Oil Compagnie / Mining Nya SPRL was legally registered as a certificate of incorporation, Registration: NRC: CD/KNG/RCCM/18-8-00318, ID.NAT:01-9-N30357X / 01-9-N30384X EXPORT licence: A/007-20/i052945E/X


  • To market through buying and Selling our product at suitable market locally & internationally.
  • To empower and supporting the smallholder farmers in DR Congo through trade.
  • To offer farming and mining consultation services.
  • Promoting sustainable development by improving the socio-economic living within the community.


Our vision is to be an industry leader in the agribusiness sector in Africa.


We exist to provide quality agricultural products and maximize return with diligence and integrity


Professionalism, Integrity, Transparency and social responsibility





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